The Simple.Text tool transforms texts in Spanish to make them more readable and accessible for people with intellectual disabilities. Following the Easy-to-Read guidelines (Norma UNE 153101:2018 EX sobre Lectura Fácil), this tool processes the input text and returns a simplified version that complies with these standards. The currently implemented functionalities include the simplification of superlatives, adverbs ending in -mente, as well as the simplification of numerical expressions, among others.

Demo link:

Corpus of public administration documents, in easy reading and original version when available. This corpus is still under development and at the moment contains 140,000 tokens of documents such as the Statute of Autonomy of the Community of Madrid or the Guide to the institutions and organizations of the European Union. 

It can be used to develop alignment methods between easy-to-read and original versions, training generative models for simplification, among other Natural Language Processing tasks.

Corpus link: Corpus ClearText


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