Módulo F

Module F. Evaluation and quality (Resp. P. Moreda

Task F.1: Evaluation and quality (Resp. P. Moreda)

The objective of this task is to ensure the quality of the technology and results obtained in previous tasks. Both intrinsic and extrinsic evaluation methods will be performed; the former examines the system’s performance and the quality of its output, and the latter determines whether the designed application achieves its objective. In both cases, the common evaluation models will be applied to each task in order to compare results with the state of the art, as well as to measure the improvements and contributions.

The implemented system (SIMPLE.TEXT system) will be evaluated with respect to the accessibility of the personalised documents that it generates by means of reading comprehension testing. The usability of the system by people with cognitive disabilities will be evaluated, and a qualitative research methodology employed to assess the contribution to inclusion resulting from the use of the technology.


Results of this module: 

  • Evaluation report