Work modules

Methodology and work plan

The objective of this project is to research, implement, deploy, evaluate, and ultimately provide robust technologies for natural language processing to support the authoring of accessible Spanish content for public sector organisations (at local, regional and national level) that is intelligible to people with cognitive disability, thereby widening their inclusion and empowerment in Europe.

The developed technology will convert input documents sourced from public sector web pages that users wish to access into a personalised form, thereby facilitating reading comprehension. The conversion process will involve automatically detecting linguistic features in the input document that are likely to impede comprehension and automatically removing those obstacles while preserving the original meaning of the document. Given the range of language phenomena that can impede the reading comprehension of digital citizens, Natural language technology will be implemented to remove obstacles caused by these phenomena in written documents.

To carry out the objectives previously mentioned, the research has been organized into different work modules, each of which is divided into a series of specific tasks as detailed below.

The following figure illustrates the connection between the proposed modules: