Módulo G

Module G. Project coordination (Resp. M. Palomar)

The objective of this module is to coordinate the flow of internal communication, evaluate progress and, if necessary, readjust the objectives.

To successfully achieve this goal, one task is proposed:

Task G.1. Project monitoring (Resp. M. Palomar)

This task will be carried out throughout the duration of the project. The project IPs will be responsible for the management and continuous supervision of work progress, as well as its evaluation in the intermediate and final stages of the project. This will ensure the quality and the completion of the tasks in a timely manner according to the established plan. To guarantee good coordination of the project, periodic meetings will be held between the members of the research team to update on the evolution of the tasks assigned to each member. Along with the coordination meetings, follow-up meetings will be held to analyze the status and progress of the work, and technical meetings to deal with aspects that influence the project in relation to the technologies that will be used.


Resultados de este módulo: 

  • Sitio web del proyecto 
  • Contratar personal asociado con el proyecto 
  • Organización de seminarios internos sobre el proyecto